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WaveGuide Horn Loaded Compression Drivers and Component Sets
USD Audio pioneered the concept of using HLCDs in the car. And we've been refining the concept for more than fifteen years. USD Audio WaveGuides offer superior imaging, musicality and an easy installation.
From the legendary USD Audio Pro15b to the Millenium series to the new SQ series, USD Audio provides a wide variety of subwoofers ranging from 10" to 15" in size. From small sealed boxes to AP applications, USD Audio offers a subwoofer that will meet your needs.
Midbass is critical to accurate staging. USD Audio offers two series of midwoofers to provide those critical midbass frequencies and create an accurate stage.
Sound Processors
The interior of a car is far from an ideal environment for the reproduction of sound. USD Audio offers equalizers and crossovers to provide the maximum amount of flexibility and control in overcoming the limitations of the car audio environment.
AP Mats
A-periodic enclosures offer better transient repsonse, a dramatically lower system Q and smaller enclosure size than any other enclosure type. However, the difficulty of constructing AP enclosures has kept them from all but an experienced few. USD Audio AP Mats bring the advantages of AP enclosures to everyone.
USD Audio kickpanels are constructed of fiberglass and made for a number of vehicles as well as universal kits.
Custom Subwoofer Enclosures
USD Audio Custom Subwoofer enclosures for specific applications, including the New Mini Cooper, Porsche 911 and Ford Supercab pickups.
Passive Crossovers
USD Audio passive crossovers for the WaveGuide HLCDs and WaveGuide component sets.